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noenshop vrienden van de profeet kinderboek moe´adh ibn jabal leesboek

The Friends of the Prophet, The Story of Mu'adh

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Part 7 of the series: The friends of the Prophet ﷺ

Musa and Suleyman go on a trip with Miss Hayat and the students of their mosque. They visit the largest mosque in the country and the brothers love that. After the tour, the children have many questions. Thanks to these questions, the teacher can tell a wonderful story about a friend of our prophet Mohammed. He was a handsome, smart and sweet companion who always wanted to be close to our prophet. He was known for his vast knowledge about the faith and for his beautiful Quran recitation. The Prophet sent this Companion to different places on earth to teach people about Islam.

One thing is certain. You will not soon forget the story of this companion.