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noenshop draakje vurig
draakje vurig emoties noenshop
noenshop kinderboek stress
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Dragon Fiery

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Draakje Vurig comes up with a great idea! He knows exactly what he wants and is convinced that it will work. But when the idea threatens to fail, despite his efforts, it is immediately clear why his name is Draakje Vurig.

Draakje Vurig is a picture book written in rhyme. It is a recognition for all strong-willed yet so sensitive hotheads.
A voltage meter can be found in the back of the book. The child can indicate at what stage the child recognizes himself and how much stress he is experiencing at that moment.

In the webshop you can find several books by Draakje Vurig and about the highly sensitive child.

Number of pages: 32
Age category: From 3 to 7 years